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New eyeglass

You want to ensure that you look stylish with whatever brand of glasses you purchase. We offer the top name brands in the industry and ensure that you'll find something that you love when you come to see us.

Mother and daughter with eyeglasses

We offer you top name brand frames:

• T-Charge

• Caviar

• Ana Hickmann

• Wiley X

Frame brands

Are you looking for additional lens options? We bring you the best name brand lenses:

• Image, Ovation, Renegade Progressive Lens.

• Transitions Signature VII and XtraActive

• High Index

Lens brands

Do you have a pair of frames that are in need of a repair? Don't worry — we're here to help.

Don't wait for repairs

The best brand names

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• Geek Eyewear

• Joseph Abboud

• Spy Optics

• Vera Wang